Helen Doyle Therapy
I help women control chronic overthinking, worry and anxiety so that they can feel relaxed and radiant again.
Therapy Packages

Precious gems are formed as a result of immense pressure. Don’t allow life challenges to dull your sparkle!

Choose from our Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond packages so that you can sparkle and shine again.


Everyday stress can take its toll. It can affect your sleep, your appetite, your concentration and your overall well being. Ruby package guides you into a wonderful relaxation, so you feel on top of the world again.


Is chronic overthinking, ongoing stress or anxiety making life difficult for you? Then the Emerald package is the gem for you. Learn to manage and escape the overthinking so you get to love life again.


Difficult experiences and events in life can really dampen your spirits. They can cause you to doubt and dislike yourself. Choose the Diamond option to put the sparkle back in your life.

Escape the chaos in your mind. Embrace carefree living

Hi! I'm Helen Doyle...
I am a Hypnotherapist, a Mind Coach and a Hypnosis Focused Traumatologist
Fáilte. Welcome. I'm happy to meet you here. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher and a therapist. My background has been in Education and the power of the mind and learning has always interested me. This has now become my passion and I work to help women excel in their own lives too. Your mind is powerful. You can learn to use it to... 'Escape the chaos in your mind, Embrace carefree living'.

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